Utopia prides itself on long-term partnerships and relationships. Our commitment to due diligence is a central part of this commitment.

Property investment is one of the largest most people make. At Utopia Sales, we strive to minimise your risk and maximise your success.

Areas for due diligence:

  • Assessment of location specifics.
  • Management and sourcing of the right finance.
  • Structural integrity and build quality of your property.
  • Pre-sale remediation requirements.
  • Certification of the compliance of all past alterations and renovations.
  • Design, costing, and compliance of future alterations and renovations.
  • Contract management with condition clauses to protect you throughout.
    Spanish taxation optimisation for your specific circumstances, including resident vs non-resident, owner-occupier vs investment, and long-term lets vs vacation rentals.
  • Guaranteed return buy-to-let investment opportunities with Utopia Villas.
  • Long-term capital appreciation potential.

Our multilingual team has comprehensive experience in the Sitges luxury property market. We work with clients from around the world, and we know how to ensure the best outcomes for you.

We only partner with trusted experts in their fields. These experts include architects, interior designers, builders, taxation consultants, and legal practitioners. Our collaborations allow us to offer you an unparalleled end-to-end service.

Our commitment to a long-term relationship with our clients means we embrace the due diligence process. And this commitment means that you can have confidence in the success of your investment.

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